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Reduce PDF file size online with 3 compression standards available.

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Drag-and-drop PDF file and you are allowed to choose a compression standard according to your needs. Download the compressed PDF file after that. Truly simple!


The PDF compression process can be done in a few seconds. All the file details will remain after compression. You can upload the PDF file from the device or cloud service.


Compress PDF file free here! Your file is safe with us. We guarantee not to collect any of the files that you upload. All the files will be completely deleted soon after the compression process.

Did you know?

Usually, PDF files can be very bulky if they are with lots of information. Therefore, PDF compression is the reduction in size of a PDF image. In this way, the PDF compression can be compatible with processes, like web uploads and printing. Though the PDF file is optimized, there is no information loss during the process. Check out the desktop version to explore more PDF tools.

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